11 Looks I Could Have Done Without

In the eyes of kids today I am older than virtual dirt. I have been on facebook since 2005. [Cue scratchy old-person voice.] We are talking back when it was college students only.… Continue reading


It amazes me when people rock the same hairstyle for 30 years. Nostalgia is good. When it comes to hair, however, in certain situations nostalgia is best left to a good themed party.… Continue reading

Lost, Found and the Unfound

One thing I will always find curious are the articles of clothing people seem to misplace. By misplace I mean leave awkwardly, yet understatedly strewn in public. I can’t say I particularly believe… Continue reading

DIY (But don’t sometimes.)

I have to start by saying that today’s age has made me hate acronyms and abbreviations. I think it’s rude to assume everyone knows what the sam you’re saying. While you save time… Continue reading

The skinny.

[Published at hellogiggles.com: a positive online community for women.] It’s funny to me when people comment on other people’s shapes like they’re establishing something that’s never been discovered by human thought before.…except the… Continue reading

America’s First Footwear. And bubblegum.

I am a sentimental shopper. I have a tendency to buy things that remind me of things. I also have the quirky habit of naming my things. Meet the Tonkasins. The newest addition… Continue reading

Witches Don’t Wear Snow Boots

When I was little I was obsessed with being a witch for Halloween. I didn’t like the Wizard of Oz, I was infatuated with it. My tendency to purchase anything remotely red or… Continue reading